When I got the idea to make a boat-necked tank top, it seemed like a piece of cake. After making it, and after seeing the finished product, it seemed like a piece of cake as well. But was it?

While I was trying to sew the seams, my sewing machine skipped stitches, jammed threads, stalled, and just plain refused to cooperate. At one point I was so frustrated that I just sat in my chair and almost cried. I considered hand sewing the whole thing, or even abandoning the project altogether. After all… I expected things to go well, I expected my abilities to carry me through, and I expected my sewing machine to do what I told it to do! I was sorely disappointed that things didn’t go the way I wanted.

It was in the midst of these disappointments and frustrations that I began to pray and pour out my feelings to God. In my exchange with God I was humbled that I cannot control/predict everything that happens, and I was reminded of how much I needed God’s help (instead of just self-reliance) in all my projects (and all areas of my life). It took some time to ponder and accept this, but with this renewed perspective and attitude, I went back to sewing. There were still a few hiccups, but at least my heart was at peace- knowing that whatever happens, the project is in God’s hands. Miraculously my machined sewed around the armholes successfully (through 4 layers of fabric!), and the project was finished in one day. Funny how it sometimes takes these moments to drive us to God. But it is also because of these moments that I can truly say Soli Deo Gloria!