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If you have never stumbled upon the idea of the convertible dress, it will blow your mind! One dress…. (almost) infinite number of designs! It is the most versatile dress I’ve seen, and surprisingly easy to make =D

Several blogs have already made some pretty comprehensive tutorials:

After you read through and understand the tutorials, it should take no more than a couple days of leisurely measuring/cutting/sewing to finish the dress =)

For how to wrap the dress, check out the Henkaa website for some helpful video tutorials. Also, this website shows a creative way of wearing the dress in the winter (with the straps as a scarf, and a cardigan over top).

After the dress and the boat-necked tank top, I still have some purple fabric scraps left, so you will be seeing more of this fabric in a future project~

If you have any questions about the dress-making process, feel free to comment, and I will do my best to help~



Soli Deo Gloria