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While working at summer camp, I find myself constantly tucking the bottom of my t-shirt into my pocket, or folding the hem up on the inside, because it’s just too long… So here’s a great way to shorten a t-shirt, without raw edges, and without sewing (useful when you don’t have matching thread on hand!).


A simple way to shorten a t-shirt in 5 minutes!


  • ¼ inch elastic band (enough to go around your hips)
  • Safety pin


  1. Measure out how much elastic band you need, by wrapping the elastic band around your hips (or where you want the bottom of the t-shirt to sit) snugly but without stretching.
  2. The hem of the t-shirt already forms a natural casing for the elastic band. So simply cut a small hole in the hem (on the side facing inside the t-shirt), and use the safety pin to help thread the elastic band into the casing.
  3. Tie the ends of the elastic band together, and voila! Now when you wear your t-shirt it will remain short, and there will be no need to constantly tuck it in or pull it up~



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