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IMAG3630A while ago, I came upon Jay Jay’s inspiring card-making website full of ideas for different styles of cards as well as free templates. Granted, I had to use Google Translator to actually understand the German annotations I was reading. But after that, I was bursting with new inspiration. Since it was a dear friend’s birthday a few weeks ago, I thought it would be a perfect occasion to translate some of those ideas into reality. I decided to make a 3D staircase card with an iris folding pattern for a birthday cupcake.

In Jay Jay’s version, there are 5 steps to the vertical staircase. However, I created my own 8-step version so that the 8 letters of “birthday” would fit on it. I made the base of the card with light pink card-stock by cutting along the solid lines and scoring/folding along the dotted lines.Staircase Card TemplateWhen it came time for the cupcake, I tried to find an existing iris folding pattern for it. But most templates I found had swirl patterns that resembled camera lenses instead of cupcake icing, and felt strangely dissatisfying. So I set out to create my own cupcake cutout and iris folding pattern.

Cupcake Cutout TemplateIMAG3624Cupcake Iris Fold Template  IMAG3636














If you are unfamiliar with the conventions of iris folding, please refer to my previous post for more details or browse a great resource by Anne Hayward here. I used white tissue paper with gold star patterns for the paper cup, bright pink tissue paper for the icing, and shiny silver foil for the candle. If I were to make this again I would probably choose a less wrinkly paper for the icing.

For the rest of the card, I just coordinated colors and decorated. I used the white and pink tissue papers again to wrap small cardboard rectangles, which gave the letters in the word “HAPPY” some nice 3D effect. I also had a swirly corner punch on hand, which provided a nice elegant touch.IMAG3631And… that’s it! I’ve also uploaded a Word version of all 3 templates if needed. Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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