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IMAG3313I’m not sure who invented bacon roses, but it’s such a neat DIY gift idea that combines aesthetic appeal with delicious practicality. I decided to give it a try for Valentine’s day, but it would make a nice little surprise for any occasion or “just because”!

After browsing a few tutorials on how to make these delectable creations, I settled on tweaking the tutorial by Our Best Bites. I appreciated the simplicity of the bacon-rose-making process: I already had (almost) all the materials needed in my kitchen.

IMAG3306The only part which I tweaked was in the assembly of the bacon roses- I did not have plastic flower stems hanging around the house, nor did the prospect of sticking food onto plastic stems seem particularly appealing.

Instead, I decided to borrow a trick learned from observing how caters presented skewered shrimps- by sticking them onto an orange! This would give the bacon roses a bouquet-like shape, all the while using materials I already had and keeping everything “food-friendly”.IMAG3308The assembly was very easy- I just poked one end of the toothpick into each bacon rose, then poked the other end of the toothpick into the orange. I also cut the bottom of the orange flat so it would stand properly.

Voilà! Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


Soli Deo Gloria